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Ignition Support 
Learning Disability Day Service



Activities are carried out in a safe environment, to each individuals ability.  Some of the activities include: 

  • Correct and safe way of working on automotive vehicles (motorcycles & cars)

  • Remove, inspect and replace sparkplugs

  • Change engine oil and filters

  • Replace air filter

  • Carry out diagnostic tests and record findings

  • Fill washer fluid

  • Inspect power steering

  • Inspect road wheels and tyres

  • Correct jacking and lifting of a vehicle

  • Change engine coolant

  • Change lamps

  • Inspect for wear and play

  • Inspect air conditioning unit

  • Replace audio equipment and speakers

  • Inspect and replace drive belt

  • Replace cam belt / timing chain

  • Inspect & adjust tracking

  • Change gearbox oil

  • Remove and replace clutch

  • Remove engine from the vehicle using an engine crane

  • Inspect, charge, and replace the vehicle battery

  • Inspect fuses and relays

  • Inspect and adjust vehicle timing


Plus many other essential vehicle procedures




By attending our day support, you will learn and experience a number of key skills used daily by mechanics all over the world.  


  • You will have learnt new skills required to be a mechanic

  • You will have an understanding of what is required to complete the tasks

  • You will have developed self-confidence and motivation in being able to take on vehicle servicing and repairs

  • You will have developed the foundations in being able to apply for a job to work in a garage and gain paid employment. 





Service users receiving day support from our service will progress at their own individual pace.  Support is tailored to individual needs and abilities.


Our aim is to provide individuals with the experience and skills needed to be able to get paid work in the automotive sector, while having fun.


Every service user is continually assessed and supported through their journey with us on an individual basis.  Some people may complete their portfolio and gain all the experience they need within one year, for many it may be two to three years, and for some it could be longer.    



We have broken subjects and tasks down into manageable units.  You will receive a certificate from our qualified trainer for each unit you complete.


You will create a daily journal which records your daily activities / tasks you have worked on. This makes a lovely record to keep, it allows you to show off what you've done to your family and care manager at your annual review, and evidence to show employers.

Tel: 01634 786 480

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