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Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a number of questions we are frequently asked, we hope this is of some help. 

We will continually add to this section.

1)  Is there a minimum number of days required to attend?

2)  How long does the programme run for?

The only minimum number is one day per week.  Many of our students started off by attending just one day per week, then you can have the option to increase your days if you choose to do so, once you know you are enjoying the programme.

The programme is delivered at each individual's own pace, therefore, there is no official set end date that you must complete it by.  We do expect you to commit to the programme for at least one year, although most individuals choose to stay for longer than that. 

We know everyone progresses at different rates, therefore we work closely with social services, social workers / care managers, to ensure your space on the programme is able to continue each year. 

3)  Are there any minimum entry requirements?

There are no minimum entry requirements.  It does not matter if you have never worked on a car or bike before. 

You do not require any qualifications to join our mechanic programme. 

4)  Will I need to sit a Maths and English test/exam while on the programme? 

No.  There are no written tests, and no maths or English exams. 

Tel: 01634 316 011

Unit 4 Kenden Business Park, Maritime Close, Medway City Estate, Rochester, KENT.

ME2 4JF  United Kingdom.

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