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Car Interior

ECU Remapping

With a DevilsTorque remap, you can safely achieve more from your car's engine, such as:

  • up to 40% more power

  • better fuel economy

  • cleaner emissions

  • a lot more fun!

We only use the latest, state-of-the-art ECU reprogramming tools.


Servicing & Repair

  • From full services to just oil changes

  • Suspension repairs

  • Exhausts

  • Batteries

  • Diagnostics

  • and more...

If you need help with something, get in touch, we will take a look and give you an honest report.

Air Con.jpg

Air Con Recharge

We are currently able to offer Air Con recharge (Re-gassing) to vehicles up to 2016, as these cars use 134r gas.  

By recharging your air con gas, you will maintain the life of your air con system, as well as enjoying crisp, cool air while driving.  

Recharge of 2016 + vehicles (1234yf) gas coming soon.


Number plate.jpg

Number Plate Printing

DevilsTorque is a DVLA licenced number plate printing service. 


Book an appointment and visit us to print your new set of number plates.

Motorcycle and car/van plates printed while you wait. 

                                       Show plates also printed onsite.

Call today to book your appointment

Tel: 01634 316 011

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