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Mechanics day service for adults with a disability
in Kent & Medway.


Gain experience and learn new skills while having fun with Ignition Support

Now operating across two hubs; 
Gillingham and Sittingbourne 

Ignition Support is proud to be the first organisation in Kent to offer a structured, meaningful, outcome focused mechanics day service programme for adults with a disability.  


Ignition Support launched in July 2019 after identifying a massive lack of mechanic opportunities for people with a disability in the UK.  The service has grown from strength to strength, continually offering more mechanic tasks for people to experience, while using modern and "old school" techniques and equipment. 

The mechanic skills and teachings are delivered through our range of exciting projects, from classic motorcycles, daily cars, our own drag racing car (the Merc Madness), street cars, sport cars, vans, trikes and many more.


Our aim is to ensure each individual learner has the opportunity to learn and experience mechanics, at a pace tailored and suitable to their needs.

When the service was being designed, before it was launched, the Director (Neil Grant) had previously completed the Diploma in Education and Training, and was very keen to embed many educational and college style learning into the delivery of the mechanic day service programme, but without the overwhelming feeling of it being a regimented school / college environment.

Ignition Support offers a unique blend of fun, learning, first class mechanic experience, at the individuals own pace and learning style, following a bite-sized style syllabus, while working on some seriously cool projects.

Neil's vision was to create the right environment with the right mechanic activities which were of interest to each individual, and by doing this, gives the induvial the opportunity for the first time to engage in something they are interested in, allowing them to improve their life.  Our mechanic day service programme has proved to have helped many of the individuals who attend gain more confidence, improved self-esteem, motivation, improved wellbeing, identified future areas of growth and job interests, made friends or the first time, overcome isolation and shyness, and dramatically reduced anxiety levels.


Ignition Support continually invests in new equipment, cool and exciting projects which makes our service, without doubt, one of the most exciting, enjoyable and innovating services in the whole of the UK. 

Ignition Support is the UK's #1 organisation to learn and experience mechanics 

“There are a several things in life I’m extremely passionate about; cars, bikes, engines and tools, the other thing is supporting people with a disability to experience these things, learn and develop in the world of mechanics and vocational skills, and to have the opportunity to enjoy them as much as I do".  (Neil Grant).


Tel: 01634 316 011

Ignition Support is a trading name owned and operated by DevilsTorque Ltd

All rights reserved.  No material may be copied or reproduced without written consent from DevilsTorque Ltd.  Calls may be recorded for training and quality purposes.



DevilsTorque is a registered Trademark.  DevilsTorque Ltd is a company incorporated in the Unitied Kingdom.  

Company number: 07799748.  DevilsTorque LTD T/A Ignition Support.  VAT number: 362 7137 96 

Address: Ignition Support: Unit 4 Kenden Business Park, Maritime Close, Medway City Estate, Rochester, KENT.

ME2 4JF  United Kingdom.

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